Go forth and WIN!

We’re All in this Together


There is a time for capitalism and competition, there is a time for arguments and debates.  There was a time for a person to look out solely for themselves and pursue only what was in their best interest.  But in today’s world, especially in Western society where we are so fortunate to live lives which for the most part are far easier than in many other places, we no longer need to hunt for food, fight for our lives, fend for ourselves.  Our families’ survival does not depend on “beating” your neighbour at anything.  If they take the last steak, you take one step to the right and get some ground beef.  The outdated mentalities of compete to succeed and survival of the fittest at one time did help us get to where we are, but now it is vital to understand that coming together, helping each other, and growing as a single planetary unit (lofty) or unified community is far more applicable in today’s local and global settings.

I think that when a person really looks deep inside with an honest and open heart, there is a strong understanding that cooperation, respect and love for others is fundamental to what makes us happy and what helps us to feel good.  When a person strays too far inwards and shuts off what they can provide for others, closing in and keeping their thoughts, feelings and ideas secret, they also shut the door on what the world can give back to them.  In these cases, I would imagine the void left from ignoring the importance of a sense of community and the impact of serving others on your soul would be deafening.  But if you open to those around you, share what is within you (whether you know it or not), BE that which you came to be then you allow the Universe to send that right back to you, allowing your own growth and your own happiness to improve along with those around you.  It can be a struggle, especially where we live, but I like to believe that I am at a point now where the I always try to consider that the things that I do are not solely for me any more, but at least as equally for other people. Everyday I remind myself that I’m not a business man, I’m not an oil man, I’m a servant. I know that if I help other people build their dreams, mine will be built along side with them.

In my last post I talked about the importance of an individual finding their unique power, finding the identity that means something to them, finding what they want most out of life and pursuing their passion with vigor.  Asking the important questions that lead you to view yourself from the outside to find out what truly makes you tick and how to find out how you can live the happiest life possible.  One of my oldest and closest friends and I were discussing this afterwards, and he raised a great point:

“Western society is full of individualists and people out for themselves. When everyone is on their own “special journey” they forget to work with other people and their narrow view of life tends to be egotistical and self-centered.”

I wanted to address this, as I believe the real great benefit for putting a great deal of time into finding your true calling is so that you as an individual can give the greatest possible contribution that YOU can to your immediate circle of family and friends, those who you interact with in the street and even those who you may never meet which somehow your actions affect down the chain of “random” coincidence.  By you putting all that you have into finding who you really are, what you really want, and what specific individual gifts you have to give the world, you are able to bring the greatest possible benefit to the greatest number of people, whether you know it or not!  And when you do know it, and maintain a mentality of service-to-others while pursuing personal growth and improvement, the magic that can happen and the lives that will be changed are impossible to quantify.

“@SoledadFrancis: It matters not what you choose to do, be that a teacher or a busboy. It’s the unique essence you bring into what you do that matters.”

I believe that every single person has a gift to give the world to make it a better place.  I also believe that through each other and by helping each other, we are able to contribute to the whole of everything in far more significant ways than we would be on our own.  Whether you are a welder creating and repairing machines that help make our world go ‘round or fantastic works of art for thousands to behold, a business leader finding new ways for us to interact positively with each other to achieve common goals and empowering their staff to live their fullest life, a teacher imparting knowledge on a whole new pod of humans, a scientist breaking ground on discoveries which may change the world, a musician or performer bringing smiles, tears, joy and expression to millions, or a salesman…ok wait maybe not salesmen, but I’m pretty sure there are probably some salesmen who are good people too.

But if you’re not here to at least have SOME impact on other people (even if it is being a grouch to give people an example of how they don’t want to behave or make them more thankful for the good people they do know, thus improving them) then what’s the point of anything really?  The point is, no matter what you are doing or how you are doing it, you are contributing to this thing we call life with these beings we call people on this place we call Earth.  So you might as well put in everything you have and see what comes back.  In my experience, the more kindness you show, the more of yourself you give, the more you try to help others, the better your life gets and the more you get in return…so by that logic really the only reason you should help others is so you can get more of everything you want..sounds pretty selfish right?  That brings me to another point…

Another recent but fantastic and powerful friend of mine put the concept of selfishness in a way I think many may have trouble fully grasping, but she was able to explain so beautifully the idea I can’t leave it out of this article.  True selfishness is not about only looking out for your own preservation, but true selfishness is failing to pursue the greatest YOU that you can see and be.  If you don’t spend time to define what you are after and who you are and what light and joy and passion that you can bring to the world, then the benefit that can be provided from you to those around you is marginalized greatly.  But with a perspective oriented towards service to others, it can be understood that in many cases the greatest benefit you can give to anybody else is to improve who you are.  Because you can’t always convince a person or a group of people to change, if you want to have an impact a sure-fire way is to live the best possible example you know how in hopes that anybody looking in might wonder how you are so happy, how your life seems to flow so easily, and how they might be able to get to a better place themselves.  And with a service to others mindset, you will only be inspired to take actions that improve yourself and also uplift others or at a minimum do not cause any around you any significant discomfort.

I have been called self-centered, I have been labelled as conceited, I have been judged as a cocky, arrogant dick at times.  And I will not say that these labels were unwarranted on many of those occasions.  I know that I have come across as seeming to think I know everything, that I have all the answers and that what you know is wrong.  I am very aware that my attitude towards many at times in my life has been exactly that.  But in those moments of pure “selfishness” and disregard for others and their perspectives, I realized two key things.  One of which was how powerful that attitude can be from an INTERNAL perspective (nobody needs to hear my thoughts of how great I know I am or how true I think my own thoughts are, but believing that can be incredibly empowering and cause me to raise my own standards for my behaviour).  The second and far more important realization I had after a few wake up calls was how disgusting it made me feel to realize after the fact how brutal I was behaving and how if I really wanted to be a great man and help the greatest number of people that I needed to put them first in my brain and heart, and take action from that place.  As Confucius says, “Be demanding of oneself, be indulgent towards others.”  A bonus was understanding I know very little, which allowed me to learn and grow so much more.

Rather than separating myself and improving FROM others, I began to want to distinguish myself as an example and become better FOR others.  Am I good at this yet?  Not as good as I could be or want to be.  Walking the talk is a challenge as we all know.  But that is one of the reasons for this blog.  I want to be remembered as a man that gave unconditionally and built other people to be the best they could be. When I die, I want my funeral to be a massive party. I want people to celebrate my life and my existence. Every day I try to wake up and live my life to make this into a reality. You and I are going to die one day, it’s not good or bad, it is what it is. That being said, how do you want to be remembered? No one cares if you’re the richest man in the cemetery. If you live, love and matter to other people then you’ll not only be remembered for years to come after you’re gone, but you will also create waves of positive actions from those who will walk behind you on this big blue ball of craziness.  Not to mention the high five you’ll give yourself for a life well lived when you reunite with all that you are after the dirt.

– S.C.

More to say, but this post is too long already!  Something to appreciate:  There are 10 TIMES more cells living in/on your body than actual human cells that you are made of, each of the bacteria are there to help you in some way.  Some help digest, some help deal with other germs and keep our immune systems healthy, each with their own role that makes us able to live the healthy amazing lives we do.  Take a deep breath and ten seconds to consider yourself as a vitally important piece of something much larger, that maybe you can’t even perceive, but know that without you and your contribution, that larger thing would have no chance of survival.  You are needed!


The Birth of a Star


The day you were born, was the day a new star was created.  An entity in the universe with a very specific purpose.  A purpose driven from deep within its belly, where the fire of its core burns so intensely it consumes everything around it.  An object that will interact with other stars and planets as it careens through the cosmos at unfathomable speeds and leaves chaos, beauty, destruction, creation, heat, fire and light in a never ending cycle of growth and movement.  I believe that every human, as infinitely diverse as we are, has their own unique fire inside them.  And every human deserves to live the life that will lead them to this purpose.  You just need to ask for it.

We are taught from an early age that there is a “right” way to move through life, a magic formula that will guarantee that you will be respected by your peers, earn enough to live a comfortable life, and continue the human race through procreation.  But what happens when that just doesn’t feel right anymore?  What happens when the very institutions we are told will show us the golden road to success and a happy fulfilling life begin to feel like a prison?  Or what happens when a person chooses not to follow through the “chosen” path for them?

That great job you landed just out of High School or University was a flood of new opportunities, people and most of all MONEY!!  The pursuit of “the dream” was finally paying off after all your hard work and perseverance you now can go tackle the world!  At least that’s what I thought.  But for how many of you does the life you lead feel like it fulfills the individual and unique reason you are on the planet (because deep inside, you know there is one 😉 )?  Certainly for many there is a sense of contentment and satisfaction with what they’ve been given, but when you meet somebody who is living their passion, maximizing their purpose and pursuing their CHOICE, their energy is tangible.  It seems as though their personality becomes magnetic and you just want to know how they feel the way they feel.  You want to drink from whatever magic cup they’ve found.

I believe that in this life in this corner of the world and many others, we are taught to please our superiors, we are told who we should be, what we should like, how we should act, who we should date.  People are always asking themselves “What should I do?” or “What will “they” think of me now?”  Do you think our Sun thinks, “I wonder if Sirius thinks my sunspots are cute?” or maybe, “Gawl, I’m so tiny compared to Betelgeuse, I might as well just burn out.”  No!  A star shows up, burns as insanely hot and fast as it can using the elements its been given and doesn’t think twice about looking back!  A star knows what it is and has no choice but to follow its purpose and blasts its radiance into the space around it for all to see, for all to experience and for all to be in awe of whether “all” likes it or not!

I believe there are two fundamental questions that humans are not taught to ask themselves or in some cases are even led away from asking from a very early age.  I believe these to be two of the most important questions a person could ask themselves which are FUNDAMENTAL to living the most fulfilling life they can and shaping the person they truly are in their heart:

1) Who am I?

2) What do I want?

As simple as they may seem, I’ve found over multiple years of searching that these answers can be extremely difficult to come by, they are always fluid, and you can almost never get it quite right.  We are told not to answer those questions, we are told to follow the formula and we are told that society and our governments know what is best for us and to play by the rules and all will be well.  But how can a group of people you’ve never met know what is in each and every one of our heart’s?  How can any single other person think they know what is right for YOU, how can they know that individual FIRE that burns inside all of us?

As I set my first foot into this new chapter of time and space I want everybody who reads this to know:  There is NOBODY else like you.  YOU are one of a kind, never seen before and never to be seen again.  A rare gem that has immense beauty, unlimited power, and ultimate freedom.  A being that will experience what ONLY you will experience, for nobody can view things that special way you do, see things through your eyes, hear through your ears, or touch with your hands.  Your perspective of life is incredibly valuable, for it adds new thoughts, new experiences and new ways of thinking into the collective consciousness of the entire human race.  Your radiance is unmatchable, incomparable, and touches more lives that is possible to contemplate.

It is my hope that through the random brain expulsions through this blog that some of my words may find their way into your hearts.  That some of these ideas, which are not my own, but stolen from the vast consciousness that makes up all of us, might resonate with any one of you.  That even one person may be inspired to seek their true calling or even just alter one single thought to improve their life.  But more than anything, I want to show whoever finds their way to these words that you are more than loved, you are more than special, and you are more important to this life than what is possible to understand with our human brain.  Never sell yourself short, never regret, and most of all…never say never 😉

– S.C.

Something to Appreciate:  Next time you set foot outside.  Stop for three extra seconds, and just say “SHH!” to your mind as you take in a deeeep deep breath of fresh air.  Relish the fact that you have such an amazing, intricate body that can move and breath and interact.  Thank yourself for being here.  And realize how incredible this life thing is.  Then, be off!